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We got a great review of our show in Nottingham, just read for yourselves:

[…]but i wasn’t prepared for what came next. The next Swedish band on the bill, playing their first ever UK show were Dynazty, having listened to their debut album Bring The Thunder , and their new album Knock You Down , i thought they’d be good, but not this good. Vocalist Nils Molin was a breath of fresh air to this sometimes stale genre, coming across like a young Sebastian Bach without the profanities. Controlling the stage like a young male lion, protecting his pride, and pitch perfect, he’s certainly one the hard rock voices to watch out for in the near future. The twin guitar assault of Rob Love Magnusson and Michael Lave’r were just sublime, soloing over the thunderous rhythm section of drummer Georg Egg and bassist Joel Fox Apelgren, filling the room with a melodic metal masterpiece. To say they blew me away is an understatement and i can’t wait to see these guys back in the UK real soon ( Firefest take note).

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