New album announced


Preorders launch on February 12th. At that time, “Roar Of The Underdog” will be available as an instant grat track. The first single is “The Human Paradox”, which will be accompanied by a video directed by Tage Rönnqvist (Swallow The Sun, Santa Cruz) on March 18th.

“Titanic Mass is the culmination of all the knowledge we’ve learned and all the experience we’ve gained over the years writing songs and making albums. Our efforts combined with the mastery of producer Peter Tägtgren has resulted in an album that we feel is really strong. To us, Titanic Mass is without a doubt our ultimate effort.”

“Titanic Mass” features the following tracks:

1. The Human Paradox
2. Untamer Of Your Soul
3. Roar Of The Underdog
4. Titanic Mass
5. Keys To Paradise
6. I Want To Live Forever
7. The Beast Inside
8. Break Into The Wild
9. Crack In The Shell
10. Free Man’s Anthem
11. The Smoking Gun

Artwork by: Vira Haglund

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